can't build bike route on bike path

I am not knowledgable about OSM but use its map via the OsmAnd app on my android phone. When I attempt to set up a bike route that uses the EWEB Bike Path with OsmAnd it doesn’t make use of all the bike path. I have examined the path on the OSM web site and it appears to exist along its entirety as a real bike way. I rode the path from end to end and recorded this trace:

but I have no idea on what to do with it from here.
I don’t know if the problem lies in the OSM or the app OsmAnd.
Thsnks in advance for any help.
It appears to be tagged correctly.
I wonder why it is tagged as highway=path and if this causes routers to choose a detour. It has an asphalt surface and would would seem to me to be primarily used by cyclists so I would tag as highway=cycleway and maybe this would enable more sensible routing.
If you choose a walking/hiking mode routers choose the route.
I tried various route route options on…