Cannot see coast and sea

Dear all,

I believe this question was already answered, but I couldn’t found it.

I build my maps with Map Composer (latest version). Viewing these maps on a Garmin device is not the problem.
What happened… I connect my Garmin device to the PC and open then Basecamp. Then I selected the map from the Garmin device. What I see is a world map without coast lines and no sea.

I tried it with Australia and I used the planet file. When I zoom into the map, the details are all in.
When I download the AIO DACH map from “” and open them from the device in Basecamp, I can see the sea and the coast.

Can somebody explain to me what I’m doing wrong or which step I’m missing?

Thank you and greetings

I dont know Mapcomposer, but probably the mkgmap option or --generate-sea in the mkgmap parameters is missing. Better ask this on the mapcomposer forum?

I’m not sure if this is a problem of Map Composer. When I download from maps, I have the same issue. sometimes it works and sometimes not.