Cannot drag area on OSM???


i went on OSM website to day, and wanted to select the area that i wanted to use so i could use its data and found that when i clicked on the export button, and clicked on “Manually select a different area” which then showed “Drag a box on the map to select an area” i noticed that i could not drag a box onto the desired area. I also tried to refresh the browser, but it did not work and tried doing this on a different machine, but again the same result happened. Can somebody tell me why i cannot select the area of interest that i want to use please???

Any body, can anyone be able to select the area they wish to use on when they select export OSM???

Are there problems???

On Firefox, Konqueror and Opera it works (Linux). So which OS and browser do you use? You can also type manually the area you want to export.

It works in Internet Explorer 8, but only if you switch to compatibility mode (the torn piece of paper to the right of the URL at the top).