Cannot create route for long distance

We just recently got a Garmin Oregon650t for our upcoming road trip from Toronto to Central America. I’m a 3 day old newbie to the world of GPS :slight_smile:

Currently, I’ve loaded two OSM maps onto the GPS. The first one has Toronto and Southern Ontario, and all of USA. The second map has Mexico and Central America. The two maps seem to work okay on basecamp as well as the GPS device in that I can see points of interest, streets etc. I can do nav/routing for short distances but when I tried to do longer distance routing, i.e. from Toronto to San Francisco or Toronto to Costa Rica, neither basecamp nor the GPS are able to calculate the route. Any ideas why? Thanks!

That’s a familiar problem with OSM Garmin maps, longer distance routing is problematic.
Try make your routes another way, for instance on and export them as track or make only short sections.

… and just a little hint:

we have a Garmin related sub forum here. Maybe there are some more garmin experts …