Cannot change the coast-line of a small island

I am not really new in OSM but its my first try to change the coast-line of an island. Its a very small island of the Maldives, and the coast-line is incorrect. I tried to change the predefined polygon but it is not accepted by the database sever. All other additions are visible now (foot paths, pool etc.) but not the correct coast-line. Thats not funny because the water villas are not in the water, and some foot paths seem to be part of the coral reefs. So, all the new details make no sense now. How can I update the coast-line successfully?

Do you mean your editor says you can’t upload the new polygon or do you mean the results are not shown on the default mapnik rendering?

If it is the later, then this is normal. While most edits are visible within in a few minutes, coastlines are only updated in de renderer’s database once every few weeks and not on a regular schedule.

In fact, it is Not a Message Inside josm. The Server does not update the image. But I See that I simply have to weit. hank you and greetings from Alidhoo.

In case of these small islands, it could Be helpful to update them more offen. E.g. The Maldives have thousands of them.

  1. Permalink?

Note the coastline on the Osmarender map is updated more often, usually within a few hours or days. So you can try viewing that map instead, to see the updated coastlines.

Thanks for the additional information. I cannot check the results because the internet connection is too slow. I think I cn check it at home.

(5 min. later)
I have checked it - and there is an updated version of the island now (OSM Tiles@Home). So, in a few weeks all maps are updated. OK, great.