Canberra/ACT mapping completed

I know mapping is “never” completed but I think the whole city has been completed including the street naming. So I guess a new phase of POI’s or monitoring new roads etc… and adding walking / cycle tracks can be promoted now.

Congratulations :D.

It’s certainly an encouragement for others, not to mention bloody useful next time I pass through.

Now to get a swarm of people to walk around with cameras recording what’s in every shop, maybe even get some street numbers going.

I didn’t realise it was finished so recently! I’ve been adding a few of the cycle paths that I’ve used over the years. I’m currently living in London, so I can’t go and check anything; but I did live in Canberra for a good 18 years or something, so I can remember a fair bit. (And I’m only adding paths that I can obviously see from the Yahoo maps, and that won’t have changed since I left.)

every little bit helps… thanks

I added some firetrails on Mt Ainslie last night. I didn’t really know how to tag them – there’s no firetrail tag. I chose highway=track, tracktype=grade3, bicycle=designated, foot=designated. I can’t remember whether horses are allowed on those trails or not – they probably are, I guess.

As you might be able to guess, I do a fair bit of cycling, so it’s on the on- and off-road stuff that interests me. I’ve got a whole bunch of GPS tracklogs somewhere. I should try and find them…

Since 2008, a few suburbs have been added to our fair city. One, Crace, is in the area currently marked as Franklin. Try searching for Abena Av. It’ll be reported as a tertiary road in Franklin, but the position is correct. I’m assuming the closed way for Franklin is the culprit.
Anyone have the skills to fix this?
If so, can you explain how to quickly redefine the Franklin closed way, and add one for Crace?

Completed 4 years ago? :slight_smile:

I’m just now adding some walking, bicycle ways, bus stops, playgrounds, businesses and leisure=common around Waramanga. I must have missed the tutorials from 4 years ago, so I’m tagging as best I can. My account is only 5 days old.

Too shy to form a group, although a group is precisely what I think would make this process faster and easier…

Well not Canberra, but still ACT… I’m working on the roughly 100Km of MTB tracks at Kowen East. There were some older edits there but the track fairies make changes and so routes change… I’ve almost completed work on the northern half (Orchard Road) with only a couple of minor tracks to add. Then I’ll update the Sparrow Hill side where there are plenty of new sections of singletrack to add. All I am doing is adding singletrack as track,dirt/cycling=designated and firetrail as track,gravel/cycling=allowed as well as putting in the gates. Features such as small bridges I am leaving out. The geolocation is based on my own GPS traces and the track names based on my memory :wink:

Corrections welcome.