Can you download all of Canada?

I see the website hasn’t been allowing custom downloads for a long time now, so I’m assuming that isn’t coming back?

In the mean time, it says you can download countries. I would like to download Canada, but I can’t see how. The dropdowns make you choose only individual provinces.

Can you download the whole country of Canada, and if so, how?


Which website?

You can download Canada here:

The export function on the main page still works, but only for relatively small areas. You wouldn’t be able to download all of Canada using that. Instead, you’d have to either download the planet file and extract what you need, or use a site like the one maro21 linked to download a pre-generated extract.

I’m going to guess: You’re looking for a Garmin download (right?), in which case you’re in the wrong place.

There’s a Garmin sub-forum nearby, which seems to be full of this topic. Good luck.

The answers above assume you’re asking about raw data (OSM is a database), and won’t apply if you’re looking for a Garmin download.