can STRI make an exeption for this data?

Hi Milton Solano.

there’s just been an import from to OSM, by Bruno Medeiros. paths on the Barro Colorado island. he didn’t check the license I’m afraid. I commented to the changeset,, suggesting that you could help STRI make an explicit exception on this particular dataset.

please let us know, or we will have to revert the contribution.

Mario Frasca

Hola Mario,

thanks for your message. I appreciate you trying to keep things in order and by the law. The last time we spoke, I kept thinking about how to better help the OSM community. The way we found was to change our license terms for most of our data. Formerly, our published data was under CC BY-SA License, but now I’m updating most of the datasets to Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.

Basically, this means, anyone may use the data even for commercial purposes and give credit to the source (STRI GIS Laboratory 2021).

For the BCI Trails layer, I just updated the license to allow the requested use. If you find another layer which requires license changes, let me know.

Saludos from a very sunny La Chorrera,


Hola Milton.

as a declaration of intents it’s more than clear. but formally not yet.

I’m no lawyer, I’m just making sure we do what we can do, and that nothing is left to personal interpretation or unwritten agreements. if the STRI would just allow OSM to import any STRI-owned geographic data that the STRI is already sharing as CC:BY?

from eternally rainy Penonomé. :slight_smile:

addition 2021-11-26:
in practice we need that someone from the STRI completes and signs this: