Can Someone help me on how uses OSM for hotel description


I came across website, where they have used open source map for calculating the distance.
Just wanted to understand how this is being done at the backend

I don’t know much about the technical aspect, so if anyone who could explain me in layman aspect would be really helpful.
As I am working on something similar.

Ankit Choudhary

From my experience is using Google Maps products only, no?

It wouldn’t surprise me if Company X uses Google in one area and OSM in another - plenty of big companies do that.

I can’t answer the question but maybe I can clarify what is being asked about as I have also noticed this. Some properties have a note saying “Distance in property description is calculated using © OpenStreetMap”. If anyone wants examples, searching for that exact text and should turn up plenty from a variety of countries. This appears to be completely independent from the map display (which is Google Maps in any example I have seen, even where that text reference to OpenStreetMap is included).