Can someone fix this map issue for me


I’m looking to see if someone can help me out. I have a street I’m trying to locate within a delivery zone of my pizzeria point of sale but the location pin is located outside my boundary’s there for the entire street gets classed as “out of zone”

The street I’m wanting fixed is “Secondary Road Roseville Road, Township of North Dumfries, Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada”
Currently my pos software shows a pin on this street as it’s location located at the corner of Roseville Rd and Cameron Rd
I would like this pin moved or extended to the corner of Roseville Rd and Edworthy Sideroad


First of all: Do you mean this road?

And what Pin do you mean??? Tell us exactly about this pin … is it a kind of search resulkt whern searching on the main site ??

if not: what software or website do you refer to?

Yes that is the street (Roseville Road)

The software used is Called ‘Live Maps’ by Speedline Solutions. It’s used for pizza delivery, when I enter an address of Roseville Road the software shows a marker pin on the map at Roseville Road and Cameron Road, no matter what house # I use. So this software see’s this pin as the location of Roseville Road, but it’s too far out of zone for my delivery boundaries. The Live Maps is using ‘Mapquest’ (this is what shows on the bottom left side of the screen of the map display in ‘Live Maps’.

Someone from Speedline or myself extended a line that use to only go as far as Roseville Road and Fisherhallman Road, we extended that to Cameron Road, but it’s still not far enough. There must be some type of line or layer on this street?

hope this helps?

So this seems to be a matter of the geocoder software that is used by the Live Maps Sopftware.

And when the LiveMaps software is relying on the geocoder software pr service from Mapquest, it is a matter of Mapquest.

And: are you sure that the geocoder service is using OSM data?

because if I am not wrong, there are two instances of Mapquest: with commercial map data, and with OSM based data and maybe with OSM based geocoder.

Can you reproduce your issue on both webservices?

If yes, tell us exactly what to do in order to reproduce that failure, tell us what you want to reach and what is delivered instead.

Hello Lotamecheese,
Welcome to OSM. I see you have added two long untagged ways to the database, maybe inadvertently when trying to sort out your problem. The two ways are parallel to Roseville Road, it would be best to remove this erroneous data. I could remove these ways if you wish? Its very easy to upload data by mistake so you have to be very careful not to corrupt the map.
Regards Bernard