Can OSM query a palce by using longitude and latitude?

If i have the longitude and latitude data of a place , can the OSM show me the location on its map?

Thank you

A URL on OpenStreetMap can contain the longitude & latitude, e.g.

17 is the zoom level, 48.78794 & 2.49388 are the longitude & latitude. So all you have to do replace them with the values you have.

Thank you escada for your reply, and I tyied successfully by following your tips. Now I have one more qusetion is that I found that the attribute table of the OSM data dosen’t have the LAT&LON field, so how could we query a palce by typing in the LAT&LON data if I want to build my own web map service?

Thank you !

Based on your questions over at the help site (, I’m guessing that you’re asking about a local rendering server that you’ve set up rather than the central “OSM infrastructure” and services (such as Overpass and Nominatim) around it?