Can I use DigitalGlobe imagery in Potlatch3?

Am seeing some DigitalGlobe imagery when I use Every Door app in my local area (Hampshire, UK) It seems to be newer imagery of housing developments than Bing imagery. Is it available as editing background in standard OSM EDitors? I use Potlatch remotely in a new window.


DigitalGlobe is part of MAXAR now. MAXAR imagery is available in most OSM editors.

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… except right now, as the keys are being changed over.

My recollection is that the unavailability of the Maxar Premium layer in Potlatch3 actually predates this current issue, so I suspect that that might need something else doing.

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I sort of assumed that was a JOSM specific issue. I guess the natural consequence of assumptions strike again.

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The Maxar (/DigitalGlobe) URL is hardcoded into P3. Evidently a new one is needed but I’m not sure what that might be. Very happy to add support if someone can let me know what it is.