Can I label a park without drawing a new polygon?

Hello all

Re my note here

The lines enclosing the map pin (including my untagged line, sorry) is a park.

I can’t find how to treat these as a single amenity=park - the boundaries are lots of little bits of boundaries of other polygons or bits of fences.

Is it possible to call this area a park without drawing another object? Or do I put a polygon over the existing boundaries of the park and not worry that there are lines on lines?



You can do both. With a type=multipolygon relation you can use existing ways, but the easier - and maybe better - solution is to draw a new way, maybe reusing the existing nodes where feasable. Don’t connect areas with highways, but it is a good idea to reuse the nodes of a fence.


It looks like you’ve nearly done it - the school is now - but there’s an extra bit that is currently part of the primary school and probably shouldn’t be, and the pre-school also has an extra bit on it .

The untagged relation that you mention in your changeset comment is , by the way. I found that by looking at and scrolling down to “relations” at the left-hand side. I think when you remove the last way from it (which is ) it’ll get deleted automatically.



Thanks, Andy, that was really helpful.

All done now, I hope.