can i create a personal map / layer of info?

I am trying to map paygrounds in Mexico City, as it is one category of place in OSM. When I search for playgrounds the results appear in a sidebar list, in Nomitatim. Is it possible to have the results pinponted on the map? And can I then create a personal layer, so I can save the mao or come back to it later?
Thank you!

You can create a personal layer that is stored locally on you PC, if you use JOSM as your editor.

The only online personal layer I know of is umap, but that is not intended for mapping things that will eventually be merged into the main map.

If you are talking about the Nominatim search on the main, hovering over a search result will display a marker, if the object is on the map and clicking it will show the vector representation of the feature.

To produce a customised map from the main data, you would need to install a rendering tool chain and tweak it appropriately.

If you just want to see playgrounds in your area you may use overpass:
Just move to your area and execute query. You can always restart the search again with updated results. You may also improve the search …

I once made a map with umap, showing playgrounds and their equipment:

Move to your area of interest and you’ll see icons for each playground. It’s based on a similar query as RObst3 gave you.

great, thank you! I’m going to explore these options :slight_smile: