Can I copy tracks from another website?


I’d like to copy those tracks:
to ride and map it.
Is it somehow possible to copy them?
There must be a file somewhere online which stores all the coordinates, right?

Thank you in advance
Bye, Chris

Hi and welcome to the forum

  • From a legal point of view: You have permission from the owner of the data to add those to the OSM-Database?
  • From a technical point of view: If you plan to import this data get in contact with to get information how this can be done.


The legal point of view: I’m in China … legal is very flexible here … we called the websites office and they told us we should ask the tourism info etc. so I just skipped it - seems to be too much trouble with people who don’t understand what I want.

We did our ride the last weekend and I tracked it.
But I wouldn’t like to import it to OSM since I read sth about two ppl got in legal troubles for tracking and mapping since it is forbidden in China (or similar …?).
I collected my tracks over the last couple of years and I might want to import them later on after being back in Germany.