Can classroom numbers be added to campus maps?

My university (UC Santa Cruz), like many others, has the buildings very well indicated, but no information on the classrooms.
In fact, there is NO map (not Google maps, no map from the university) that contains information about classroom location.
This is obviously a very frequent complaint from students.

It would be absolutely great to be able to edit OpenStreetMap and add the information. Is there a way?
If not, would you think that the appropriate meta-tags could be created? I think it’s a common use case to list meeting rooms etc inside buildings.
It would also create a huge awareness of OpenStreetMap among students to have it be the repository of the classroom location information.

Thoughts? I would be happy to contribute to editing the classrooms at UCSC.


Maybe you can take a look at
Somewhere it says you can use ref for the room number

We also have a sub-forum here about indoor-mapping … maybe there are more indoor-enthusiasts present.