Can a Maproulette challenge be a workaround for Automated Edits COC?

I noticed that there are a lot of edits in my area changing “facebook” tag to “contact:facebook”.

For example:

It isn’t only this changeset and this user, but many users. People mark these edits with “maproulette”.
For example this account looks like it was created only for this change.

I’m sorry if there was a discussion somewhere, I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t find the deprecation of “facebook” tag either.

My comment on that was

There was a DWG complaint about someone changing “website” to “contact:facebook” (when the website was a Facebook page), which I reverted, though that was only partially maproulette-based.

The answer is simply “no”. Obviously some people are trying to be real smart-assy about this, in the end this will all get reversed, and really they should get a perma-ban for insulting the intelligence of other contributors.