Campsite Nodes Don't show up on my GPSMAP 64s

Dear Forum,

I recently acquired a Garmin GPSMAP 64s which I was hoping to use for backpacking/hiking adventures. One of the things that I would like to use my GPS for is finding campsites. So after some searching I came across and after downloading I browsed through the map in basecamp and was pleased with the numerous POI’s that were contained within. As far as I am aware, there are quite a few more campsite POI’s on your maps when compared to the topo UK and Ireland light map that came preloaded with my device.

Alas although it was easy to select “Find Points of Interest”, select “Lodging” and the select “Campground/RV Park” in basecamp, the same can’t be said for the actual handheld. On the actual device, (after installing the OSM on the 64s and making sure it was enabled) I pressed the find button and various menus/buttons appear with a plethora of amenities and facilities to search for, but upon selecting “Lodging” only two options appear: “Hotel or Motel” and “Bed and Breakfast or”. There appears to be some truncating problems with the second one (or maybe it’s just a glitch) but, alas, the does not seem to be an option to search for campgrounds anywhere.

If I have done something wrong, or if extra steps are required, I would be very appreciative if you could inform me of the procedure.


Sounds strange, although I dont know the GPSMAP 64s, campgrounds should be in the poi search. Seems like a bug, have you got the latest firmware?
Otherwise ask around at the official Garmin forum,

Hi ligfietser,

I would of thought so too, but there only seems to be the two entries that I mentioned in my previous post in the lodging category and there doesn’t seem to be any mention of campsites in any other menu. I have in fact upgraded to the latest firmware from Garmin Express when I initially first plugged in my device, although, what I thought was strange, was that after I updated through Garmin Express, Basecamp also wanted to do an update when I opened it (and I am pretty sure this was not a map update).

Anyway, I will take your advice on board and try the Garmin forums, perhaps they will have additional information.


This is a good forum for the hand held devices

Under Lodging I see on my Oregon 600

All Categories (you dont have this option either?)
Hotel or Motel
Bed and Breakfast or In.? (doesnt fit on the screen!)


Apologies, The “All Categories” button is there, but, unlike your Oregon 600, I don’t have the resort or campground entires in the lodging menu and I would expect the 600 and the 64s to have similar menu structure as they are similarly tiered in terms of Garmin devices. Could it be a difference in maps? Are you solely running the OSM from or do you have additional maps that I may not have?


Thanks for the link, I’ll be sure to try there as the Garmin forums seem to unsuited for my kind of question. It seems to be more catering to fitness devices and the various Garmin software packages.


FactualOrc, can you see the campgrounds under “all categories”?
I maintain the website, but the openfietsmap (bicycle) light version is also on and shows the same campgrounds as the "full"version on my site. The menu structure on the device is independent from the maps as far as I know.
Speaking of campgrounds, on you can download a massive collection of campgrounds and put it on your device.

I did a bit of messing around with the 64s and it would appear that the campsites don’t even appear on the “all categories” option in the lodging menu, very strange. and thanks for the link; that should work as a sufficient workaround for the time being.

Seems like a Garmin device bug,
Could you please test my Openfietsmap too, you should be able to find at least tourism=camp_site ?
I just released a new Europe version, it has a Great Britain & Ireland version for the GPS, see

I renamed all other .img maps and put only a generic osm map on my Garmin Oregon.
Result is no campgrounds anymore in the search menu. So this seems a ‘feature’ of the latest garmin units :confused:
They are only searchable under All POIs (if you know the name).


Could you tell me the commands you used to render that map you had on your google drive? I’ve been reading up on the subject and am aware of the rudimentary steps:

Put the base osm through splitter with:
java -jar splitter.jar ireland.pbf

Then get the boundary data through osmosis
–read-pbf file=ireland.pbf outPipe.0=data1
–read-pbf file=ireland.pbf outPipe.0=data2
–tag-filter accept-relations boundary=administrative,postal_code inPipe.0=data1 outPipe.0=6
–used-way inPipe.0=6 outPipe.0=7
–tag-filter reject-relations inPipe.0=data2 outPipe.0=8
–tag-filter accept-ways boundary=administrative,postal_code inPipe.0=8 outPipe.0=9
–used-node inPipe.0=9 outPipe.0=10
–used-node inPipe.0=7 outPipe.0=11
–merge inPipe.0=10 inPipe.1=11 outPipe.0=12
–write-pbf file=ireland.osm.pbf omitmetadata=true compress=deflate inPipe.0=12

then put the tiles, boundary data and some style information in the mkgmap directory and run a command through mkgmap (although I am unaware of the specific command to use)

Could fill help me out with this please?


You dont need to make the boundary and sea data yourself, just download the prepared ones from

See for some example scripts here. Try OSM.bat if you have run the splitter.

Just to let you know, that after throwing some commands around and using your typ file and style profile from your github, I managed to render a map that has campgrounds!!! :smiley: I’m sure I must of done something wrong during the process though. I can just imagine having a critical failure while up in the middle of the Wicklow mountains :wink: Oh well, I guess i’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, but I’ll probably have updated to the fixed official maps by then :smiley:

Thanks for everything