Camino de Santiago in the area of france

hallo !

some weeks ago i started a projekt [1] to collect much elements for realations of the Camino de Santiago (jakobsweg) for a event in lübeck, germany.

so i want to create some overviews of the relations now.

did anybody can tell me relatation-id’s in the area of france ?

regards Jan :slight_smile:



No idea personnally. I will forward your question to the french mailing list where we have more readers and give a feedback here in english (myself or somebody else) if there are such relations in France or not.

Btw, you should translate the wiki page or create a more international version. “Camino de Santiago” is not only for germans.


The relation which connects the parts of the “via Podiensis” (the way starting from “Le Puy-en-Velay”) has the id 138227 :



For information, there is a wiki page to gather information and coordinate the work :

Ultreia !


hallo !

thanks for response !

@Pieren: i refresh the side and the data after the event!

regards Jan .-)