Camino de Santiago in the area of finland

hallo !

some weeks ago i started a projekt [1] to collect much elements for realations of the Camino de Santiago (jakobsweg) for a event in lübeck, germany.

so i want to create some overviews of the relations now.

did anybody can tell me relatation-id’s in the area of finland?

regards Jan :slight_smile:


Hallo Jan,

Ich habe mal vor 15 Jahren in Lübeck Praktikum gemacht, habe aber nie vom Jakobsweg gehört. Unser Büro war direkt am Holstentorplatz.

I’ll reply in English, so that my fellow Finns can follow this thread. I assume that the Camino de Santiago is an old pilgrimage route. I would associate it with the Roman Catholic religion. My understanding of the history is that Finland converted to Lutheran religion some 200 years after getting the Christian religion imported from Sweden in the 1300s. The Eastern parts of the country got Orthodox Catholic religion from Russia. There is a small Roman Catholic minority in the country, but I would guess that it was formed only fairly recently.

I’m an atheist myself, so I may be wrong about this, but I’d contact the Finnish Roman Catholic folks for information. Or visit the archives to see old maps. I’d love to tag old roads and create a map viewer where you can turn the time dial. Most of the area of Helsinki (where I live) has been built in the past 100 years.

Schöne Grüße,