callout boxes

I would like to be able to make callout boxes on a map that can be repositioned (to avoid overlap). These would not be public, but for use within my organization. To show, for instance, where a particular site is, and how the parcels around the site are used.

I know I could do that in an illustration package, but I want to keep the data on the map so that I can make several maps at different scales and also to be able to come back later after new features have been added.

Are there any plugins that can help with this?

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Do you know ?

@PHerison: I’m not sure umap does collision detection on call out boxes, but I think will display them dispersed from a cluster.

For a webmap I think Leaflet provides the ability to create callouts (see Using this with an OSM base map might be most convenient, but perhaps see if umap works for your use-case first.

For straight GIS type work QGIS has facilities for callouts.