Call out to VladiK.

When I open the “vladik map” in mapsource, the sea is messed up.

OSM Mapsource issue by benkatz100, on Flickr

Is it a known issue?

Sea flooding.

I don’t see it (sorry! :wink: ) on the map I created using the latest file from Geofabrik.

btw, geofabrik israel_and_palestine.osm.pbf file is fixed after more than a week.


Judging from the shape of the shore I would guess it was
A rendering problem in vk’s script.

It has to do with the source of the data he was using.
The best source (geofabrik israel_and_palestine.osm.pbf) is coherent and doesn’t have this issue.
But that source was briken for a little over a week, and maybe he was changing the way he got the data from.

Anyway, if he changes back to the osm.pbf file, all should be back to as it was 2 weeks ago.


hi to all
i need help with installation of the velik map on mapsource.
can some one can give short explanation how to do that.

best regards

Look for mapsettoolkit

i have it,
but it look for img file with 8 digit (00000000.img) and the file from velik is a gmapsupp.img

Rename it.
Works, that’s what I did.

i get erorr that say “index 6 bit map will not work”
do you know somthin about that?