Calibration files

I use Memory-map, GPSU and GPSGO for hiking, using .png maps on a pocket-PC. I know how to export a .png from Open Street Map but is it possible to export an associated calibration file at the same time? .map(OZI), .jpr, .tfw - any of these would be good!

Since making this post I have discovered the Finnish OSM-Map which should do exactly what I want. But I can’t get it to save the .map file with the image. What am I doing wrong (the box is ticked!)?

What’s the URL?

OSM Map does save ozi MAP file for me. Procedure is

  • “Lataa kuvat”
  • Select “Tallenna MAP” from “tallennus” section
  • Press “Tallenna kuva”

More feature rich alternative is perhaps Noni GPSPlot

I contacted the author of OSM-Map and the installation has to be very precise. It now works fine.


I just tried a fine new alternative. The forthcoming Gdal version 1.7.0 will include tile map server (TMS) driver which makes it possible to use OSM tile server as input, and output can be whichever raster format supported by Gdal
In addition Gdal can reproject the image but with rendered maps that is not necessarily very good idea. However, quite a straight route to OziExplorer will be:

  • Download and convert OSM tiles to GeoTIFF format with gdal_translate
  • Create .map file with OziExplorer (and perhaps convert the image to ozf3 format at the same).

Gdal needs to be taken from SVN at the moment because version 1.7.0-dev is needed. I managed to use OSM tiles as input with Windows XP by downloading binaries from
I had also to copy Gdal data directory from FWTools installation and to download OSM server settings from (OSM example). After that making a GeoTIFF from OSM tile server was as easy as giving

D:\gdal_dev\bin\gdal\apps>gdal_translate -of GTiff -outsize 512 512 frmt_wms_openstreetmap_tms.xml openstreetmap.tif

See to see what possibilities Gdal offers for managing input and output.

-Jukka Rahkonen-

I have developed a (Windows) tool at that will convert a .map (such as the one from OSM-Map) file to .tfw, .gmi, .jpr, .mcd and .cal It’s free.