Calculate the time spend by user in creating changeset

I need to calculate the total time spend by a user in OpenStreetMap (OSM).

  1. I downloaded the OSM Changeset file and got map.osm (a xml like file with various fields like timestamp, changeset, user ,etc.). Now, can this timestamp filed values be compared to find out the total time spend by specific user.

  2. I came across osmfilter. I am not able to apply the examples provided for osmfilter in my scenario. Are there some example where osmfilter is applied to calculate the users time spending in OSM.

Any relevant examples for calculating the user time spending in OSM would be grateful.

Same question was also posted here: - (“put on hold as unclear what you’re asking”) - (“This question was voluntarily removed by its author.”)

The short answer is “you can’t”, at least for the broad range of OSM editors.

With many OSM editors (JOSM, MAPS.ME) you’ll either download, or already have access to, some OSM data, edit it, and then upload it. The “start” and “end” points of the changeset upload don’t correspond to “total time spend by a user in OpenStreetMap”.