cable car line not visible on the map


The cable car line with id 160736379 (46.17849, 8.68702) is not always visible on the map (FireFox, Windows), depending on the zoom level.
In the map on OsmAnd (Android) the cable car is not visible at all.
Does anyone know why?

Each zoom level is made from different tiles. They are refreshed at different rates. Once they are refreshed it is still possible that your browser cached an older version of the tiles. Refresh your browser cache. For me, the cable car line is visible at all zoom levels.

OsmAnd map updates are only done once a month unless you subscribed to OSM Live.


Thanks for the prompt answer.

With me the cable car is sometimes not visible in the zoom levels 100m and 300m, this happens in FireFox as well as in Chrome Browser. Strangely enough, the cable car directly next door (46.17721, 8.68964) is always visible.

It could be cached tiles problem. Use ‘Ctrl+F5’ on these zoom levels to clear cache. I see this cable car on all zoom level.

Thank you

The problem is gone now, I can’t reproduce it anymore. Probably it was a cached tiles problem.