Buy some service or dev time?

Hi. At work I need some map systems for embeding on our website. I have a budget for this project, and would prefer to use it on a service or dev that will give back to the OSM community in some way. Do you know of someone who does and can deliver these two types of embedable maps?

Please read carefully before replying. Thanks! :slight_smile:

We need a tool where we can create:

  1. Embedable maps that can show any number of routes on it. Clicking on one of the routs should either pop up an infobox with some text and a link to another page, or just send you to that other page.

  2. Embedable maps that can show one specific route on it. Clicking somewhere on that route should in some way give you the option to start a video of the route from that point in the route. For example a pop up infobox with an embeded youtube set to that point in time where the film is at that point.

It would be nice with other functionalities too, like a view of how much the route goes up and down in the landscape, like Ride with GPS shows (sorry, I don’t know the technical term for this)

And all of this should look good, of course.

Where would you reccommend I turn for this service? Thanks for your help!

You can ask some companies via

Thank you! There’s a ton to choose from there, though. I would hope that someone could have some recommendations based on my needs :slight_smile:

I can think of two developers from around here who work with OSM as freelancer

Mr Topf seems to fit your profile of “give back to OSM” better, Mr. Hack seems to be the guy who is more suited to do your task.