Busway Question

I’d figure I ask now before the busway in my area officially opens to the public. In my area, a new bus line will start in the next couple of months with an opening date of Spring 2018. They have created new roadways that are only dedicated to the new bus, making it a busway. What is the appropriate way to implement this in OSM. I will also like to note that I am fairly new to OSM but do have experience with other map editors.

See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:psv

Don’t forget to remove access for other vehicles, e.g.


Also cancel foot use with foot=no, if necessary, or start from access=no, and just add in psv use.

Thank you. That helps a lot.

I am not entirely sure if I did this right or not and would definitely like a second opinion.


Although it does not look like much now, you can see the construction on satellite that shows the bus path continuing north and replacing the abandoned Grand Junction Branch railway. Since this particular portion has been there for what may be more than a decade now (surprised it wasn’t in the system in the first place), I decided to use this to test out the appropriate setting before continuing with the rest of the route. Decided to use the Service Road since that is what the roadways at Wood Island Station uses.