Bus stops renaming in New York & other edits of the user tylerchill


I want to draw your attention to edits of the user tylerchill.

He makes much renaming of bus stops to route ref, like ‘49th Avenue & 21st Street’ => ‘Q67’. E.g., changeset 74775856 (OSMCha). Many stops now share the same name or have a name like ‘Q101, Q102’. Do you consider correct to put a bus route property into bus stops name?

He removes sidewalks, crossings, service roads, bus stop_position nodes as “cluttering the map”, like in changeset 74697049. Please, read his reasoning in the discussion on this changeset. Does such agreement about simplified mapping in dense urban areas really exist?
Some other recent changesets which remove existing objects: 74695675, 74694762, 74685634, 74685105.

The user’s edits induce questions not only in my mind, please look discussed changesets.

If you also find some tylerchill’s edits harmful, let’s ask him to revise his views on mapping and at least revert infrastructure deletions.

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Re the bus stop renamings, I’d definitely mention it in a changeset discussion comment. As you’ve mentioned, they have responded to comments there, so that’s the best way to raise new issues with them.

If you feel that they’re not doing things the way that most of the community would and are ignoring requests then I’d suggest reporting the user to the DWG via the “report” button or an email to data@osmfoundation.org , and including as much information as you can in the report.

Edit: One other thing to mention is that this country forum is pretty low volume - there are more US people in the OSM US’ slack workspace (details in the OSM wiki).

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Andy (from the Data Working Group)