Bus Routes

Hello and Shalom to all of you.
I want to add a bus route in my city, Ashdod (number 2 of Eged).
But one problem is that bus route is crazy. Their are 3 options: 2 of them are in opposite direction (and to show them I need to use “forward” and “backward” in the relation), and another one that is only in one way. How I need to show this third option in the relation?
I allready added many buses in Ashdod (just look in the Mapnik iin Transport View in Ashdod) and this route is making me crazy.

Very impressive…

Back then, I started the same in Netanya, but its very hard as a lot of ways need to be cuted and do make the editing later harder.
But regarding your route I don’t understand whats that crazy about the route. Depending on what is the route changing?
I would just create a relation in every direction and if its splitted the relation continues.