Bus route swallowed alive in Transport layer

What happened to bus route 85?

We observe it comes in from the north, but never makes it past the T junction, despite its relation saying that it should turn east there.


The bus route seems to be correctly mapped. It looks like a rendering issue, most probably because there are more than a dozen route numbers on the same road and the rendering software chose to render other numbers first.

The Transport Layer renders Bus route 85 correctly on other—less crowded—parts of the map.

ÖPNVKarte shows it normally too, near this T-junction.

Thanks. OK, I have analyzed its “DNA”, and have found “repetitive defective genes”. (One needs to start from the “ends” of the “strands” in order not to get confused near the T junction, where a “stunted gene” lies.)

First lets talk about the order within the gene sequence. They should start with 41, and count up, but instead they are perhaps in the order they were read in by the software or something.

OK, then there’s a problem of why only a maximum of six members is allowed in each “strand of DNA”. As we see there will be plenty of room just down the road to the east that could “relive the pressure”.

Then OK, the two slices of DNA are stuck together "DNADNA " making users’ eyes swim even more.
In fact if your eyes start at the T junction you will see “NDNADNA” further fogging up the issue.

Then the whole truncated cramped glued DNAs take a vacation towards the east, like some party animal that now has passed asleep on the couch.

The cure to all these woes is extremely simple. @Andy_Allan should simply chuck his current algorithm without looking back, and just insert the ÖPNVKarte bus route numbering code into his code.

We observe ÖPNVKarte is the Zen master when it comes to placing the bus route numbers. Achieving the perfect balance between work and play, dawn and dusk. Everything is just perfectly spaced. You can’t beat it (its bus route number placement, at least.)

The Transport Layer renders Bus route 85 correctly on other—less crowded—parts of the map.

Bad news. Notice route “75區” on the image you posted. It starts off fine on the west, hits its first bus stop, and just plain disappears like it hit the end of its route. It just never reappears as we travel east on your image. In reality the real 75區 does no such dying:

And it turns out that zooming in and out affects which side of that bus stop 75區 appears. But (most?) of the other route numbers don’t suffer the effects of zooming.

Several of the numbers are repeated many times while some only occasionally reappear and some go on long stretches where they are absent for kilometers.

But in reality they should all appear equally frequently.