Bus route create relation

Hey guys,

I want to add a Bus route to Openstreetmaps. As I am a newbie I am not sure how to create the relation for the route.
I started with this in the iD web editor but found out that it would take me hours to add every single node/ section of the roads to the relation. Is there an easier way? Can I for example mark the whole street from one node to another? If I could do it that way I would only need to care about the crossings where the bus is turning.
I tracked the bus and put the track into a gpx file. Is there any program which can just create a relation with all the nodes along that track?

By the way: this is kind of a hop on hop of bus so bus stops are rare and not very important. Therefore the route of the bus is very important and so I can not only build a relation out of bus stops.

Thanks for helping me.

First of all: when working with relations, it is best to use JOSM. You can not order relations in iD and as you mention: it takes hours.
Then, have a look at existing relations and in the wiki to learn how to mappe bus routes properly. I don’t know where you are mapping but busrelation in the Netherlands are usually pretty well mapped so you can have a look at those and get an idea how to proceed.