Burundi: Bujumbura declared economic capital - how (and if) deal with

with the law
the Burundi government declared Bujumbura economic capital.
An official communication was also sent to the United Nations in New York on the 1st april 2019 with Ref: 204.02.18/068/MAE/2019

It is worth change the Burundi relation and, if yes, which tag should be used?

Alessandro a.k.a. Ale_Zena_IT a.k.a. UNGSC-DTLM-Ale_Zena

If Gitega https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/301351574 is still the capital, i don’t know how.

Never heard of an “economic capital”.

If it is not “administrative”, it should not been used in admin boundaries.
And if you add it to the boundary relation any how, it will be ignored by any software i know.