Bungalow Compared To Detached, Single Storey Building

What are the properties that differenciate a
from a building tagged with
building=detached and building:levels=1?
Is one prefered over the other?

From the wiki :- https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:building

The tag building=bungalow on its own indicates the feature is a building, is detached, is single storey (levels=1), is a house. So the one tag conveys four pieces of information. So, in my opinion, the tag should be building=bungalow.

From my interpretation a bungalow implies a residential building where as a detached building is just a generic building which can be anything like storage, warehouse, annex etc. A renderer would add features like windows and doors to a bungalow where a detached building would be rendered just as a simple cuboid.

PHerison, from the wiki for detached house:

So a detached house should be used for residential-looking buildings, and therefore a renderer should also add expected features?

Fly in the oinment are semi-detached bungalows (v common round Southend-on-Sea). There are also chalet bungalows: with rooms in the roof. You can have a detached one storey houses which are definitely not bungalows, so it’s not particularly precise, although I know a bungalow when I see one.

Yes, but it does not convey that information explicitly or particularly reliably. So sure, tag it as building=bungalow – but tagging building:levels=1 in addition to it is still valuable because it’s a much more clearly defined, objective property.