Bulk Uploading/Importing


I am trying to figure out what is the best way to do a bulk upload or import data into openstreetmap.org. The goal is to take our streets data and upload it to the online map. I looked through the help documents and I am confused on how to go about this. If anyone could supply me with a plan of attack or advice that would be great.


you should only upload huge amount of data when you are an experienced Openstreetmap user. Please have a look at this first:




I looked at this and after looking at the options it seems as if the options have problems or simply won’t work

Firstly, have you read and followed all of the import guidelines? http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import/Guidelines

Where do you want to import data for? How much of that area is already mapped in OSM?
What format is your data in?

… and is the license of the data compatible with our license(s)?

… and are you prepared to approach the mappers of the current data for your area to inform them of a possible import, and to work with them to make it as smooth as possible. Or even be prepared to (partially) abandon or adapt your plans?

Maybe we can give you a better evaluation of your import wish when you give information what area can be covered by your data and what kind of objects it consists of.

And maybe the most important question: Where did you derive the data from?