Bulk Edit Speed Limit Data

We’re looking to build out OSM speed limit data for use in a driving app we built.

However, OSM editor seems to be requiring us to edit each individual street segment’s speed limit data separately. This is insane manual entry of this would take months and be incredible waste just for one city.

However, I noticed OSM does have street types labeled (Residential Street, Alley, Tertiary, Primary, Trunk, etc). In our city (as likely in most) the same speed limits applies to all roads of a similar type. For example all residential streets are 50km/h. All Alley’s are 30km/h.

So is there a way to bulk edit the limit for all “Residential Streets” to 50km/h in one fell swoop, then go back and double check/edit specific zones? Same for alley’s to 30km/h. Please help, this should be easily automated.

IMHO instead of doing that massive edit, you can (or should) set those defaults in your app…

Good suggestion Muralito. Something to be considered but may require some customization. Will check with my dev. If there’s a way to bulk edit in OSM I’d still be interested in knowing how.

Bulk editing is strongly discouraged and involves getting consent from your local OSM mapping community before you start.

All edits in OSM should be individually checked.