Bulk edit: replace quotes in israel_gtfs nodes

The data imported for the Minestery of Transportation GTFS is using two single quotes where a double quote should be used.
For example


instead of


I’m planning to make a bulk update to fix this since the GTFS import is not active any more. If and when the GTFS import will be resumed, and if the problem is will still exist in GTFS at that time, the new import should take care of making these corrections during the import process.

The planned flow is

  1. Run this Overpass-Turbo query

  2. Use text editor to global-replace each pair of single quotes with a double quote

  3. Upload the changes using JOSM

There was a question/suggestion in the telegram group to change every " to the Hebrew ״.
It might even exists here in a post of some sort (I haven’t looked).
This is the default for mac and iOS but I couldn’t find a way to write it in Android or Windows.
Since both Windows and Android are used by most people I think we should change every ״ to " for the time being (even though ״ is the correct way to write in Hebrew).

Just for referece:

Agree with replace, totally disagree with hebrew unicode quotes