Bulk edit notice - road width tags added by JumpStart International

About 13 years ago an organization called “JumpStart International” has done extensive mapping in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Unfortunately, issues with their mapping continue to come up. The organization has not responded to any of the changeset comments address to it.

Recently I’ve noticed that they have mapped the width of roads and used unrealistic values, such as 2 meters for a regular street. An unwanted side-effect of the narrow width value is that it prevents routing of cars and trucks by routing engines that consider the width, such as GraphHopper.

Since the width value assigned by JumpStart International is unrealistic, I’m planning to remove the width tags they added. The tag will be removed from the original way. Therefore some impact of their width tags will remain in OSM. For example, if the original way was later split or replaced with a more accurate geometry.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!