Bulk edit: addresses and education buildings of BeerSheva Municipality

Hello Everyone

We Would like to adding data to OSM of B’eer Sheva

This is work of B’eer Sheva Municipality from our official data base

We want to upgrade the showing data there for the residents and business owners

Thank you

Please describe the information you plan to import: what fields exist for each element and what OSM tags you plan to use for them.
Is there existing OSM data that could be duplication of the imported data? If so, how do you plan to resolve the duplicates?
Is there a place where the city published the license or legal terms for using this data?


This is a link for the license for using this data: https://www.beer-sheva.muni.il/OpenData/Pages/legal-terms.aspx
All the data is free and open to the public here: https://www.beer-sheva.muni.il/OpenData/Pages/Data.aspx

  1. For Education Buildings the tags are: name, type, address (and lat and lon)
  2. For Addresses the tags are: HouseNuber, streetName (and lat and lon)

I can send to you the the xlsx format file to see the tables if you interested

Now there is only few Accurate address and few Education Buildings, I think the best solution will be to delete them and put Current information

Thank you

Hi kalimia, is this a one-time import or you plan to contribute more in the future?

I would like to contribute more in the future

The OSM ‘name’ and ‘name:he’ should contain the name of the educational building. Are there names on other languages, such as English and Arabic?

Please see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:amenity%3Dschool on how to tag schools. This page has links to other educational institutes, such as kindergartens. You will probably need to plan the mapping from the city’s ‘type’ into OSM tags. This mapping needs to be discussed here.

Please see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:addr for the OSM tags for street addresses. You may also look at how street addresses were imported for Tel Aviv and other cities.

Existing elements may have information that the import does not have, such as names in other languages. In such cases, a more careful merge is probably needed.

regarding deletion of existing partial data:
kindergarden’s are really only few and without too much details - full replace might be a valid option
schools - we already have many of them, with extra details and building shapes see query results - here more smart match and merge will be required

so, I’d recommend to firstly perform easier kindergarden import and separately think about shools.

Since this review process started after some of the information has been uploaded to OSM, I’ve reverted the following changesets:


I uploaded a new layer only of kindergartens according to the comments you wrote to me

Does it meet all the conditions?