Bulgaria - Fix objects without tags

Hello Bulgaria

I’m excited to announce a new challenge on MapRoulette: Bulgaria - Fix objects without tags (MapRoulette). This initiative by TomTom aims to improve the quality of OpenStreetMap data in Bulgaria by identifying and fixing features that lack essential tags.

Proper tagging is crucial for maintaining a well-organized and informative map. Untagged objects can be confusing and decrease the overall value of the data. This challenge provides an opportunity to:

  • Remove duplicates: Identify features that are essentially copies of existing, correctly tagged elements (like highways, landuse areas, or boundaries). These duplicates clutter the map and can be safely removed.

  • Fix careless mapping: Sometimes, editors might forget to add tags to newly created features. This challenge encourages you to review these objects, ensure their geometry aligns with real-world features, and assign appropriate tags.

  • Verify nonexistent objects: In some cases, features might have been mapped in the past but no longer exist. Use imagery and object history to confirm their absence and remove them from the map.

  • Clean unintended edits: Occasionally, objects might be added accidentally or without following proper tagging guidelines. These can be removed after confirming they don’t represent real-world features.

Hopefully with you, we will be making a significant contribution to enhancing the accuracy and usability of OpenStreetMap in Bulgaria.

Feel free to share your comments, feedback, or questions! I’m happy to assist you in any way I can.



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I will be happy to help the Bulgarian OSM Community in the eastern part of their country :wink:


West is for native Bulgarians! :wink:


… and Dutch, I hope? :wink: