Buildings with many institutions?

What do you people suggest for tagging a building which has many institutions?
The example I am talking about is a New York building holding several consulates and representations.

Such buildings usually have a name. I’d just go with that instead of trying to create a building directory.


I would draw the building as an area (tagged as building=yes, plus name= etc). Then add nodes for the individual amenities / shops etc, in their (approximate) locations in the building.

I have tried this for a shopping mall centralplaza Khon Kaen. I added only larger shops. Mapnik doesn’t render all. But the data layer shows them all or better JOSM.

Did any one of you looked at the lightning presentation on the SotM09"12:10 State (lightning) 3D mapping in Japan: OSM challenge in 3D town Tokyo Japan - Miurahr at this site:


I think this is the right way. Maybe they won’t be renderd (remember, don’t map for the renderer) but they will come up in search. Also, maybe a better renderer will be made in the future.

I think, the proper way would by “relation”, where building is a “site”.
You can add releation to each institution.

A site relation models an area which usually contains multiple buildings. This relation type is probably not appropriate here.

Some people use building relations, but I would likely map it like Vclaw - as a building=* outline way with nodes for the institutions placed within that outline.

I think a building directory with all institution would be beneficial, if it only mentions the building one would have too look up everything else separately.