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Hello everyone,

i have question - how to import gpx file containing a lot of buildings numbers. I’ve tried to import it as a trace but it seems that i must edit every point and set it as a building. It’s more than 4000 points so - is there any simpliest way to import it? I have also shapefile containing same points if it will be useful.

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Already seen and all its sub pages?

On the other side: What is the origin of your data? Is it released under a fitting licence, or do you have copyright on your own?

Can you give us a small example file to hint you in the right direction?

I have right on my own.

Here is link to this data (loaded as a trace):

In edit mode i can see a lot of points with numbers which i can modify, but on the map they are not visible.

Thanks for any advice.

I tried to load your GPX file onto JOSM … and then choose the layer for that file → right mouse click → convert to data layer … but the result is strange, I get only one node converted.

The best way could be to ask on one of the more professional mailing lists about developing or imports … (unless someone other has a hint for you)


I’ve just tried to use tutorial from:

I made every step from this tutorial. I set two points as a buildings, even points colors are changed but for an unknown reason points are still invisible on the map (in view mode). Note that points icon didn’t change to buildings so maybe here is some problem.

Hello macius. You don’t seem to have much experience with manually editing OSM yet, and performing an import is challenging. Usually I’d recommend to do some “normal” contributions to OSM first to become familiar with the tools and the data model, and start doing imports only after that. But if you are determined to start out this way, you can of course try. You’ve already come quite far anyway.

I’m not sure what you did expect to see. The points you have added a few hours ago do appear on the map as a house number label; for example this one shows up as a digit “5”:

When I look at the tagging, ele=0 is almost certainly wrong. name=5 is wrong, too, because a name and a house number are different things and the number is already tagged as addr:housenumber=5. The tags “cmt” and “sym” don’t contain any useful information either, so they should also be deleted.

But the other tags are fine and since the number shows up now, I’m not even sure if there is still a problem?

Problem is almost solved :slight_smile:

I’m new user and that (i think) was a major problem. When i made some changes it spent some time before someone (admin?) accept this modification (as i know new users are observed for a changes that they make) - so i guess the best way was wait some time to change take effect. Anyway, for now problem seems to be almost solved.

When it comes to tagging - “cmt” and “sym” are tags from gpx file. First i must to convert ESRI shapefile .shp which i had to Garmin Waypoints .gpx and only then i could load it to OSM as a trace. While conversion this tag was necessary…

Finally, i have 4068 points and it seems that i must manually edit every point, add some values and remove others. Maybe someone know any simplest solution to directly migrate from shapefile to osm?

Anyway, thanks a lot for any hints

Adding and removing values from a group of points should be very easy in most cases with standard editors like JOSM.

I’ve never done an import from shapefiles myself, but maybe some of these tools help?

So, there is a relatively simple way to adding multiple features based on ESRI shapefile. It is very useful especially when we have for example large number of points and every point has some attribute which we would like to ‘export’ to openstreetmap. Nice example are points with buildings numbers.

First, we need Quantum GIS with GPS plugin. We could download it from After install we must go to main menu and choose Plugins → Manage Plugins and find GPS Tools. Then we need to select checkbox for this plugin to make it active (if this plugin is active we can skip this step).

Now we can add our shapefile. From main menu we choose Layer → Add vector layer and we set encoding and path to the file. After that in layers manager (on the left) our shapefile appers.

From the main menu we choose → View tab, then → Select and then → Select features by rectangle. We must select all points (or other features) using bounding-box and use combination of key - CTRL + C.

Now it’s time to create gpx layer. We must go to main menu, choose Plugins → GPS - > Create new GPX layer and set path where file should be saved. Our gpx file will be added to the layers manager on the left as three layers: waypoints, routes and tracks. We have point shapefile in this example so waypoints layer is interesting for us.

Right mouse click on this layer (newgpxlayer, waypoints in my example) and choose Toogle editing. From now this layer is editable so we can add some features using CTRL + V key combination.

After that just right mouse click on this layer again, unset Toogle editing and save changes. If we click right mouse on this layer and choose Open attribute table we could see some columns with attributes which has been copied from our shapefile.

Note that gpx file has few column: name, elevation, symbol, comment, description, source, url, url name. After copy of our points every column of this file will be filled with some attributes from shapefile table - first column of gpx file (name) will be filled with attribute from first column of shapefile but types of columns must be compatible (number can be copied to number column or text column; string can be copied only to string but not number column).

Finally we need to open our gpx file using for example Notepad and change names of columns.

This step is not neccessery but is very useful. GPX file has few column name, elevation, symbol, comment, description, source, url, url name, but for example in the column url are now storing buildings numbers (automatically copied from shapefile). We can change name of this column to for example xxxnb. After uploading gpx file to the openstreetmap we will be able to multiple select our points and change this column name to addr:housenumber and saving. Using this method we won’t need to fill housenumber field anymore.

Tips: When we choose name for the column, for example xxxnb, this name should be unique as much as possible. This guarantees that after uploading and changing column name (xxxnb) to osm tag (addr:housenumber) other users features will be not changed.

We must to do last thing. When we want to upload gpx file to openstreetmap we must use Upload trace option ( But if we have only waypoint gpx we need to add some text to this file. Open the gpx file in a text editor (for example Notepad) and paste after

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

the following text in


MYLAT and MYLON can be copied from any of the following waypoint. So finally our gpx file might looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 2009-06-21T15:34:01Z . . . . . . ----------------------------------------------------------------

Question: How to select in Potlach ver. 2 all waypoint that i uploaded as a trace? I use CTRL + left mouse button but not all points are selected.