Buildings not anymore visible

since about two weeks no buildings are visible anymore. I checked several locations but no Buildings are visible. I am using Version 2.7.4, Android V6, Hardware is Wiko Fever.
Should I change some settings ? Tried many settings but was not successful.
Regads und thanks for any help, Fritz

What software are you talking about???

OsmAnd+ 2.7.4:), dated 2017-08-01

Have you downloaded full featured Osmand map files inside app, or the “road_only” editions?

:slight_smile: Thank you, that was the problem, I did not understand the difference between the various downloads. Do the “full featured Osmand map files” also includ all the other downloads ?
Many thanks and regards, Fritz

yes, road only contain the streets (and perhaps address information), but nothing else.
The other maps contain streets, houses, landuse (forest, fields), POIs etc.

Thank you that helped - you may close this topic.
Kind regards, Fritz