Buildings in Odessa

I visited Odessa last week. Beautiful city! I saw in the OSM map of Odessa oldtown a lot of not exactly drawn buildings. I began with correctures ( for example here–)) but it should be checked by pepole from Odessa. I wrote wiki page about construction of buildings from satellite images: also ( I was professor for comstructive geometry in Germany).

Maybe it can be helpful for somebody.

I miss Odessa :wink:

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It was done by one quick mapper who disappeared after mapping these and it seems that he lost interest in OSM, at least in correcting the mess.

So thank you for fixing those.

Hmmm… Now I know, that building drawing is more complicated then “draw the roof - rectangulate - move to base” :slight_smile:
So this articles should be translated.
Somebody, translate it from German, please.

You can use for translation in Ukrainian the english version. It is more easy to translate.

OK. I’ve just begin translation.
So, how the shadow can help to draw buildings?

Thank You dimonster for the translation. Some things are difficult but some trics are easy to understand…

There are some students from Kiev which makes a kind of cooperation with me. They try to combine pictures from the videokamera with building outline from OSM. If the buildings geometry is ok, it is theoretically possible to get very good results- textures for the buildings - also the heights for the buildings. We will see: this project is at the beginning now, but the guys are very, very good…

The titles of main article parts are translated now. Please translate the rest :wink:

Yep. But I need some time.
BTW, thank Andygol for help.