Buildings and houses


does osm maps contain buildings and houses?

what do I need to add to the rules/style file to show them?


Yes, OSM maps contain some buildings and houses.
Though it does vary by area, depending on whether anyone has mapped buildings there or not. Some cities have pretty much all of the buildings on the map, some have hardly any. And some also have address details, with house names/numbers etc.
If there are buildings mapped, then they should be shown on the maps on, either Mapnik (the default map) or Osmarender or the cycle map.

I’m not sure what you mean about the rules/style file. What software are you using? If using Mapnik, then the default style should show buildings.

I currently using Maperitive.

what rule applies buildings?

did you ever open the sample maperitive ruleset file with a text editor and search for “building”?