Building type of tourist accomodation

Tagging tourist accomodation is a bitch, especially since there are so many subtle differences in naming between different regions and countries. Recently I discovered that it is preferred to indicate building type instead of just building=yes. Looking through the wiki page for the building key, there is only one tag for tourist accomodation: hotel. However, what tag would you use for a guest_house, for example? Or holiday apartments or agritourism? Should I just use the unofficial tag building=tourism, or something like that? Building=tourism sounds a bit vague as well because a museum could also be a tourism building, so maybe tourist_accomodation would be better? What do you think?

for guest_house I would use house, as the style of the building is probably like any other family house in the neighborhood.
Similar for holiday apartment, where I would go for building=apartment.
For agritourism, could be in some cases building=farm. or just building=house

Concur: Building=* should be for the architectural style of the building (church, school, apartment, etc.), not the current use. A detached residential house that is being used as a rental guest house is still building=detached but will have additional tags regarding its current use.