Building replacement workflow

I’m trying to streamline a building geometry replacement workflow in JOSM.

Turn on a filter disabling nodes without tags
I bring in a set of new buildings/ways with no tags
I use the lasso select to select each old/new building pair
I invoke the “Replace Geometry” tool with a hot key updating the nodes of the old building with the new nodes and removing the new way.

I like this, it’s great. It keeps the history, is fast, and lets me use other hot keys for simplify and square up when I want to.

I’d like to do this same workflow for many buildings at the same time. Each old building only overlaps a single new building so I don’t think I should need to manually select a single pair of ways since by looking at what overlaps you can tell which goes with which.

Is this a thing that’s possible or does it need to be built as an enhancement to the Replacement Geometry? I’d like to save a few clicks on doing whole subdivisions. Is there any other suggestions of how I could set this up myself? I haven’t tried any scripting within JOSM yet.