Building not showing its name at zoom X when similar buildings do

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Newbie question:

I’ve been adding and updating some of the mosques in Peterborough, UK.

What first drew me to that issue was Faizan-e-Madina mosque , which was marked on the map without showing a name or star-and-crescent (symbol for mosque)

I added some mosques nearby (eg,,, and at a given zoom level (how do I communicate here which zoom level I mean?) the mosques I’ve added show their names and their star-and-crescent.

However, Faizan-e-Madina stubbornly refuses to do show its name until I zoom down to the next level - you can see all three mosques on your screen at the same time, two with names and F-e-M without.

I’ve checked the tags, and as far as I can see these are compiled identically for all these buildings.

Is there something I’m missing?

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I don’t see a problem. In this case, I think that it is simply a case that lower zoom levels are not rendered immediately, and all zoom levels may have been cached in a browser. Waiting some time, generally minutes, but can be much longer, and refreshing the browser cache should cause the information to be displayed.

However, the rendering algorithms have to take account of lots of different competing information, and where the same space on the map would be needed for both, can seem fairly arbitrary in their choice of which to show. If you want a map rendering that prioritises places of worship, you will need to look for a specialist one.

Many features recorded in the map are not rendered at all, because they are not sufficiently useful to the intended use of the map (for the main rendering, that use is to aid mappers, not as a map for the general public). However places of worship are included in most renderings, as they are land marks as well as significant for their primary use.

i saw that the one you mention has no housenumber, maybe that is the reason ?

EDIT : no, on second vision, there is also one other with no housenumber, … i think that the rendering of the name you mention, is at ‘second place’ … i think the rendering of the streetname, south of it, comes in ‘first place’ …

You can zoom in and zoom out until you have the proper zoom level right in the URL, for example this is where I see the name labels on the default map layer:

This one is most probably eclipsed by a road name and an arrow on z17, but it shows on z18+:

So it seems the consensus is this is a rendering feature, and not a glitch with a workaround/mistagged builing.

@kocio, thanks for your tip. My URLs seem to use map=17 to show the number, but that’s sorted me out for how to refer to the zoom levels too.

Thanks all.