Building mapping Ukraine

I have drawn and corrected many buildings in Odessa some months before. Not very difficult for me, I teached 15 years konstructive geometry on the university.
( You know probably my page: )

Now, some friends of me asked: may we help with mapping building one or 2 days in one area in Ukraine?
If yes, please tell me, where.

I would offer Ivano-Frankivsk (Iwano-Frankiwsk, Stanisławów) and Zhovkva (Żółkiew).
There is good bing coverage for both of them.
We are also allowed to use Yandex-Panorama pictures(but not to copy map data) to map housenumbers and POIs: But I would not map POIs since pictures are quite old(few years old). I think presence of POIs should be checked locally.

Hello! It would be great if you can digitize buildings in village Chereshina (Чернещина) and around it. Please use link below

There will be science conference “GIS usage for Protected Areas”

Thank you!

Thanks guys!
First suggestion is first. :wink: It s quite big and nice job.

I give it for the polish community with best regards to all Ukrainians!

PS: I can work Чернещина in my free time, no problem.

And some friends from Germany makes Zhovkva…

Do you have more suggestions?

Hello Marek! I posted answer almost at the same time as dudka, so I was sure that my answer had been given first. It’s fair to work on dudka’s suggestion. If you’ll have time for Чернещина, you are welcome to use my idea in future. Thank you, guys!

There are so many towns having good bing coverage, but no osm-data, that you can easily find some in any region.

German guys may like to map former german and swiss villages in Odessa region, e.g.

Marek, could you check this ( building. Is it right? I made it according to your above instruction but in F4 map it is not rendered as it should be.

Also anyone can draw

Dear andygol,

please contact the developer of f4 map. In my opinion it is ok.

I hope, users from some other countries make today or tomorrow some small edits in Ukraine.
As a symbol of friendship with you all.

Best regards,

With greetings from Argentina:
With greetings from Poland:
With greetings from Germany:

It´s maybe not a lot, but anyway… :wink: I saw also small edits from France and Belgium mappers…