Building Indoor Navigation solution using AutoCAD drawing

OpenIndoor is a start-up tech company that relies on OpenStreetMap data, so we are interested in contributing to the OpenStreetMap community.
At OpenIndoor, we took the building AutoCAD drawing file of ISIMA University at Clermont Ferrand, France as the data source and came up with an Indoor navigation solution web-based app. OpenStreetMap data and JOSM editor contributed a lot to the success of this.
Technologies/Tools: Python(Geopandas), Ogr2ogr, JOSM, Photosphere, PostGIS DB, Java Scripts.


It will also be possible to import much more detailed indoor data of buildings into OpenStreetMap Database by exploring AutoCAD drawing with the flow below:

AutoCAD dxf => Geopandas => Geojson => JOSM => OSM DB

Damilare Ogungbesan