Building footprint

Please shares datasets of building footprint in a local area, city, state in the United States that have compatible license with ODbL, or in public domain, or CC-by, or grant premissions from data owner, while the have least a number of building geometries still not added to OSM

As these geometry building that better than “Microsoft building footprint” that generated by AI

Thank you in advance

It sounds like you’re planning to use these datasets for imports? If so, please check out the Import Guidelines as importing large datasets requires more care than smaller edits. Those experienced with imports can also assist in the process.

Please read the building section of the ‘Rapid’ wiki, to quote

this dataset has quality that requires reviewing every single building before potential use

I’ve worked with MS footprint data via MapWithAI quite a bit. The buildings, each and every single one of them is unsuitable for direct import, must be corrected for shape and orientation, not to mention the many phantom buildings due artifacting in the imagery.


To my experience some are suitable, but I agree all have to be checked with the most actual imagery.
It depends largely on the region resulting by the imagery used for AI detection.

Ergo, unfit for ‘mass’ import and as I mentioned last week we already have over 17 million MS footprint buildings in for crying out loud.

The newly made available Google dataset for the Southern Hemisphere may be different. They have assigned a ‘confidence’ rating to buildings so one can filter on the generally assessed quality. Not heard the outcome and finding of that import on an Indonesian island and what was learned from that first effort importing into OSM.

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I’m here to collilect which dataset of building footprint, in a specific city ,county, state with compitable license to osm, better geometries than that ai-generated, usually released by their respective government.

E.g. City of houston, TX, Yolo County, CA, New Jersey…, with license of public domain, CC-by, ODBL…

What are you going to do with the data? Are you going to be bulk-uploading it? If so, you need to follow the community import procedures or risk your changes getting reverted and account blocked.